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RFID healthcare technology and medication error prevention

Using RFID Automation to Reduce Medication Errors in Hospital and Health System Pharmacies 

Every human error contributor you can design out of your process improves the safety and quality of care you deliver. Download the white paper to learn more.

Human beings have common failure modes and certain conditions make it more likely for a human operator to make a mistake. This white paper focuses specifically on the human reliability challenges of procedural and emergency kit and tray management in the inpatient pharmacy and explores the use of advanced RFID to:

  • Automate kit and tray processing
  • Validate replenishment accuracy
  • Reduce the occurrence of human errors

Download "The Risk of Relying on Human Perfection" white paper today to learn more about the benefits of hospital pharmacy RFID automation.

Learn more about using advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) healthcare technology to reduce medication errors in hospital and health system pharmacies